Summer Exhibition

 Gallery Artists for Summer Exhibition


Images not to scale

 David Page Iceland Poppies 58 x 58cm
David Page  Iceland Poppies
 Benacre Birches Eileen Coxen 50 x 70cm
Eileen Coxon  Benacre Birches
 Bill Titcomb Fruit still life 23 x 32cm
Bill Titcombe  Peppers
 Bill Titcomb Vegatable still life 23 x 32cm
Bill Titcomb  Onions
 Mary Gundry First Roses 28 x 18cm
Mary Gundry  First Roses
 The Philosophers Garden Nicola Slattery 30 x 30cm
Nicola Slattery  The Philosophers Garden
 Travelling Troupe Nicola Slattery 30 x30 cm
Nicola Slattery  Travelling Troupe
 Peonies Bill Titcombe 62 x 76cm
Bill Titcombe  Peonies
 Southold 22 x 33cm
Mary Gundry  Southwold
Spring Morning
 Mary Gundry Dinner at Delauney 25 x 18cm
Mary Gundry 
Dinner at Delauney

 Aldburgh 26 x 45cm
Mary Gundry  Aldeburgh
carnival lanterns

 Mary Gundry Boy with Violin 33 x 22cm
Mary Gundry  Boy with Violin
 After snow Jackie Dommet 17 x 12cm
Jackie Dommet  After Snow
 February fields Jackie Dommett 12 x 12cm
Jackie Dommet   February Fields

 Sunrise coast Jackie Dommet 16 x 18cm
Jackie Dommet  Sunrise Coast
 Frosty night Jackie Dommet 17 x 12cm
Jackie Dommet  Frosty Night
 Mid Day Blues Paul Darley 20 x 30cm
Paul Darley 
Mid Day Blues
 Paul Darley Eastern Promise 41 x 51cm
Paul Darley  Eastern Promise
 Paul Darley Dogs Life 20 x 30cm
Paul Darley

 Cliff Noelle Francis 60 x 60 cm
Noelle Francis  Cliff
 An Assortment Tessa Newcomb 18 x 21cm
Tessa Newcomb  An Assortment
 Cat in a box Tessa Newcomb 17 x 17 cm
Tessa Newcomb  Cat in a Box
 Hens on a wall Tessa Newcomb 15 x 20cm
Tessa Newcomb  Hens on a Pile
 Go towards the sea Tessa Newcomb 16 x 11.5cm
 Bird Reserve Tessa Newcomb 39 x 45cm
Tessa Newcomb  Bird Reserve

 East Coast Tessa Newcomb 25 x 27cm
Tessa Newcomb  East Coast


 What she planted grew Tessa Newcomb 45 x 42cm
Tessa Newcomb  What She
Planted Grew

 Thats good Tessa Newcomb 20 x 9.5cm
Tessa Newcomb 
Thats Good

 feathers in a Clemetine box Jane German 40 x 30cm
Jane German  Feathers in a
Clementime Box 
 Flags out Aldeburgh beach Vanessa Whinney 17 x 36cm
Vanessa Whinney 
Flags out at Aldeburgh Baech
Indian summer Soputhwold Vanessa Whinney 17 x 36cm
Vanessa Whinney 
Indian Summer at Southwold 
 Early Spring Noelle Francis 38 x 50cm
Noelle Frances  Early Spring
 Bonfire Frances Mann 16.5 x 20cm
Frances Mann  Bonfire

 Sun across the mill stream Frances Mann 26 x 32cm
Frances Mann 
Sun Across the Mill Stream

 Valley with May trees Frances Mann 43 x 63cm
Frances Mann
Valley with Trees

 roses Nell Close 42 x 58cm
Nell Close  Roses and Dogs
 Rhonda Whitehead Falmouth 27 x 32cm
Rhonda Whitehead  Falmouth
 Rhonda Whitehead Aspres 27 x 32cm
Rhonda Whitehead   Aspres
 September Julie Noad 30 x 30cm
Julie Noad  September
 David Green Footsteps in the Sand 42 x 32cm
David Green
Footsteps in the Sand
 Straw bales Barbara Bernard 40 x 40cm
Barbara Bernard  Straw Bales
 Norfolk trees Barbara Bernard 28 x 36cm
Barbara Bernard  Norfolk trees

 Sheep resting Barbara Bernard 30 x 56cmBarbara Bernard 
Sheep Resting

David Green Autumn Walk 22 x 32cm 
David Green
AUtumn Walk
 Warm summer evening at Dunwich Gay Foenander 28 x 38cm
Gay Foenander 
Warm Summer Evening Dunwich
 Blustery day on the beach Gay Foenander 28 x 38cm
Gay Foenander 
Blustery day on the Beach
 Hot summer evening Gay Foenander 28 x 38cm
Gay Foenander 
Hot Summer Evening
   All that is Tessa Newcomb 30 x 110cm

Tessa Newcomb  All that is I