Apple Bough September Mary Spicer Seville Oranges Ali Hollingsworth   Friends Cafe Noelle Frances   Cafe Noelle Francis (2)
 Harvest Festival Vanessa Whiney  Between tea and supper Tessa Newcomb  Norfolk Farm Barbara Bernard  Laden Branches Mary Spicer
 Complementary fruit-Yellow Malcolm Cudmore  Ditchingham Still Life Barbara Bernard  Wild Plums Eileen Coxon  Complimentary Fruit - Orange Malcolm Cudmore
 Autumn Squash Ali Hollingsworth   French Tessa Newcomb  Tuquise and Orange Vanessa Whinney  Blackberries in te hedge Eileen Coxon
 Strawberry Barbara Bernard  Paris Market Tessa Newcomb   Festive Fish Jacki  Yellow Teapot Vanessa Whinney
 Breezy Day Apples Ali Hollingsworth  Let me explain Tessa Newcomb  DSC_4773  Ears of Corn Marianne Koby Johnson