Bungay Inspired Gallery


 Bungay Ladies Knitting Group
Bungay Ladies Knitting Group 30x20cm

 Stephanie Lambourne  Chicken Roundabout  30 x 30 cm
Chicken Roundabout  30 x 30cm
 Bungay Pigeon Fanciers
 Bungay Pigeon Fanciers  40 x 30cm
 Julie Giles Apple Bough  46x 30 cm
Apple Bough  46 x 30cm
 Julie Giles  Catching Tiddlers  30 x 55cm
Catching Tiddlers 30 x 55cm
 Vanessa Whinney  Waveney in Winter  53 x 35 cm
Waveney in Winter 53 x 35cm
 Vanessa Whinney  Down on the Bank  20 x 28 cm
Down on the Bank 20 x 28cm
 Jacqui Petrie  River Bend IV. 52 x 16 cm
River Bend  45 x 7cm
 Tessa Newcomb  Spring is in the Air Castle Hills  38 x 76cm
Spring is in the Air Castle Hills  38 x 76cm
 Paul Zawadski  Autumn over the Waveney Valley  40 x 50cm 
Autumn over the Waveney Valley  40 x 50cm
Paul Zawadski  Bungay Common  30 x 40cm
Bungay Common  30 x 40cm 
Dee Nickerson Kind Heart and Cockerels   30 x 40 cm
Kind Hearts and Cockerals 30 x 40cm 
Delia Tournay-Godfrey Siesta Oil on board 29x29cm
Siesta  29 x 29cm
Delia Tournay-Godfrey Tutti Fruity Oil on board 29x29cm 
Tuttu Fruity 29 x 29cm
Ruth Wharrier  Wildflowers by the Waveney 
Wild Flowers by the Waveney 18 x 16cm
Sara Johnson  Falcon Meadow Bungay 38 x 26cm
Falcon Meadow 38 x 26cm 
 Sara Johnson  Bath House - Outney Common  20.5 x 14cm
Bath House 20.5 x 14cm
Sara Johnson  Earsham Street Bungay 16.5 x 16.5 
Earsham Street 16.5 x 16.5cm
Sara Johnson  Trinity Steet  28 x 21 cm
Trinity Street  28 x 21cm 
Georgina Warne  Black Shuck  35 x 35cm 
Black Shuck  35 x 35cm

Julie Giles  Study Leave  57 x 77cm /

Study Leave 57 x 77cm

Margaret Thomas   Flooded River  30 x 30cm 

Flooded River 30 x 40cm


 Margaret Thomas   My View   44 x 24cm
My View 44 x 24cm
 With Golden Moon came the quiet of now deserted streets of Bungay. 26 x 25c
With Golden Moon 26 x 25cm