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Tessa Newcomb has been exhibiting at the Cork Brick Gallery since we opened in 1990.we have watched as she has progressed up the ladder of success.

Tessa's work is so well observed that she has taught me (despite being a country boy) through her pictures to see the country side in its true light, and to appreciate the detail and colour of life. This is what I believe makes her so appealing to her fans and collectors of her work.

Tessa is hardly ever seen without a sketch book in hand, her apparent doodles are transferred to pre-prepared boards as soon as she returns home so as to preserve the immediacy of the moment. 

 Please note that the pictures are not to scale - merely for illustration.

 Paintings for sale




 Everyday ferry 29cm x 60cm

Everyday Ferry  29cm x 60cm



Too Windy for a little Dog 15cm x 20cm

too Windy for a Little Dog
15cm x 20cm




 The Knowing look of a bird 10cm x 16cm

The Knowing Look of a Bird
10cm x 16cm


 He Gave Her Flowers  Tessa Newcomb   56x40cm
He Gave Her Flowers   56x40cm

Disappearing Cat 60cm x 90cm

Disappearig cat  60cm x 90cm 

Violet Sea 40cm x 58cm

Violet sea  40cm x 58cm


 Red Bunch  Tessa Newcomb  24x20cm  
Red Bunch  24x20cm

 Unknown Man  Tessa Newcomb  19x13cm
Unknown Man  19x31cm
 Young Trees  Tessa Newcomb   51x30
Young Trees   51x30cm
 Loitering  Tessa Newcomb  29x15cm
Loitering   19x15cm
 Septembers  Tessa Newcomb  23x24cm
Septembers  23x24cm

 A Malteese Dog  20x10cm
A Malteese Dog  20x10cm


3 Herrings  48 x 30 cm
3 Herrings sold

Cornflowers 45 x 39cm 
Cornflowers  45 x 39cm sold


 Hire Boat  9 x 40cm

Hire Boat


tessa-newcombe Molly dancers
Molly Dancers  sold
Cutting Lemons 50 x 50 cm 
Cutting Lemons
 Flower show 21 x 17.5 cm
Flower Show sold

The Emerald Shed  27 x 33 cm
The Emerald Shed  Sold

Pecking order. 18 x 18 cm  jpg 
Pecking order sold