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  Images not to scale or in proportion.

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                  Barn Garden in the snow 62.5x 51cm 
                    Barn Garden in the Snow 62.5 x 51cm


          The West Pier on Fire 122 x 69cm 
                             The West Pier on Fire  122 x 69cm                     
   Battsea.VII 60x40cm
Cranes, Battersea  50 x 40cm
 Miners 1 71x 40.5cm
Miners I  171 x 40.5cm

 Wrecked West Pier XIII 89.5 x 53cm
Wrecked West Pier XIII   89.5 x 53cm


 Dusk over the West Pier 41 x 61cm
Dusk over the West Pier  41 x 61cm
Old lady in red coat 122 x76cm 
Old Lady in Red Coat  122 x 76cm
 Near Needham Mill 74 x 54cm
Near Needham Mill  74 x 54cm


Needham Reach at Dusk 80x65cm
Needham Reach at Dusk  80 x 65cm


Brighton XII. 49 x 118cm
Wrecked West Pier XII   49 x 118cm 
 Bullrushes IV 38 x 30cm
Bullrushes IV  38 x 30cm
Misty II 41x51cm 
Misty II  41 x 51cm
 Northern United Colliery 71x 40.5cm
Northern United Colliery  71 x 40.5cm
Sunset over the West Pier 72 x 91.5cm 
Sunset over the West Pier  72 x 91.5cm
The Lake at Sunset 63.5x45.5cm 
The Lake at Sunset 63.5 x 45.5cm
 Hirwaun in the Cynon Valley 45x61cm
Tower Colliery Hirwaun  45 x 61cm
The Palace Pier Brighton.56 x 140cm
The Palace Pier Brighton  56 x 140cm 
The Old Apple Tree III 51x71cm 
The Old Apple Tree  51 x 71cm


                                     Spring is Here 30x 25cm       Spring is Here 1 - 21x20.5cm       Spring is Here II 25x 23cm          OButtermilk Sky 30.5 x 38cm         Through the back door. 45 x 60cm       Under the Pier 20x25cm


                                     Under the Pier XIII 30.5x 61cm        Winter Field Rythms 1 51x61cm             Patch of Blue II 40x25cm       Line of Trees 38x46cm