Winter Exhibition

A selection of paintings from our winter exhibition

sizes and colour are for display only and not to scale


3 Soft Men 25 x 21cm

 3 Soft Men 
Tessa Newcomb 25x21cm 



A Winter Wave 50 x 53cm 
a winter Wave
Tessa Newcomb  50x30cm





Urgent Chicken 11 x 21cm

Urgent Chicken
Tessa Newcomb 11x21cm
Towards Toftmonks 29 x 29cm



 Gascony Vinyard 47 x 56cm

Gascony Vinyard 
Cornelia FitzRoy47x56cm.


 Towards Gillingham 52 x 65cm

Towaards Gillingham
Cornelia FitzRoy 52x65cm

 Catnap 19 x 19cm
Nicola Slattery  19x19cm

 Moonlit Evening 19 x 19 cm
Moonlit evening
Nicola Slattery  19x19cm

 Memories 19 x 19cm
Nicola Slattery 19x19cm


 Looking for a Mate 13 x 18cm
Looking for a mate
Tessa Newcomb 13x18cm
 Magpies Hop 25cm x 20cm
Magpies Hop
Tessa Newcomb 25x20cm
 Pig in a Puddle 15 x 20cm
Pig in a puddle
Tesa Newcomb 15x20cm
Pink Striped Jug 30x30cm 
Pink striped jug
Patricia Wyndham 30x30cm

 The last of the Snow 38x52cm
The last of the snow
Mary Spicer 38x52cm

 Procne, Philomel & Terus 24 x 30cm
Proccne,Philomen & Tereus
Georgina Warne 24x30cm