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Sudbourne Park Printmakers are a group of Suffolk based artists who use traditional printmaking techniques to produce original etchings and woodcuts. There are many established  artists in the group whose work is exhibited nationally and internationally. There are a number of related techniques that the artist can use to achieve a finished print, many of which  have been handed down over centuries, and antique presses are used to print the limited editions of etchings and woodcuts at Sudbourne.   
Sudbourne Park Printmakers was founded by artist / printmaker Gareth Jones in 1992. With expansion, the group moved to it's present premises at Sudbourne Park in 2002 and became a co-operative.  

Sudbourne has a fine collection of printing presses including two Columbian and one Albion press, circa 1850.  There are also two iron rolling presses for etching circa 1870.
The Columbian iron press was invented by George Clymer in 1817and uses levers, which act on a massive beam and piston to force down the platen. It's most characteristic features are extravagant decoration and the American- eagle counterweight rising and falling with every impression. Although equal in power, the Albion is a more modest press, and similar to the presses used by William Morris at Kelmscott. For etching, two rolling presses are used to print the copper and zinc plates. Printing is done using dampened paper. After the etched and inked plate is laid face up on the press bed of the press, the paper and woven blankets are then laid over. This is then wound through the rollers, the pressure forcing the soft paper into the inked lines, thus picking up the image.

The prints exhibited at the Cork Brick gallery demonstrate the considerable skill, experience and ability that's required  to produce a desired image. Although many of the the techniques used date back a long way, an imaginative artist will always experiment with the processes  finding new techniques and ways of developing the mark making process. 

Workshops especially designed for schoolchildren and other groups in the community are also run at Bothy Yard under the supervision of some of Sudbourne Printmakers.
In addition to exhibiting their work at various galleries the work of Sudbourne Park Printmakers.can be seen at two annual exhibitions: one at Peter Pears Gallery in Aldeburgh and the other at Sudbourne Park workshop, Bothy Yard, near Orford.