Gallery Artists


We have artists that feature regularly in our gallery and their work

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Please note that the pictures are not to scale - merely for illustration                     
Woodmans Gold  Dee Nickerson  13 x 16cm
Dee Nickerson
Quietly Sleeping Nicola Slattery 29cm x 28cm
Nicola Slattery
Tessa Newcomb
Deep Sea Dredging
James Dodds
Children at Wells Beach  26 x 40cm

Peter Baldwin


Margaret Thomas

 Incarnation 20x20 cm    John Vesty 

  385 framed   Georgina Warne     

Towards ToftMonks  Cornelia FitzRoy  38x55cm

  Cornelia FitzRoy

 Egret on the River Beck  Jane German  30x29cm
                  Jane German
 Road to Nice
                  Nell Close

 Watching theBarge Sail By 21 x 27cm 
   Delia Tournay-Godfrey

 Perplexed Bruer Tidman 74 x 55cm 

         Bruer Tidman

 Head by John Kiki 59 x 51cm 

John Kiki

 Frances Mann copy

        Frances & Sargy Mann, Sophie Tute

Graham & Julie Giles, Elliott Starks


 Light Experiment
           John Vesty